Boat/Watercraft Insurance

If you own a boat, you've likely considered boat insurance in the past. But is boat insurance right for you? After all, you know you're an excellent captain and that you take caution whenever you're out on the water. You don't take your boat in shallow water, and you avoid other boats. So why would you want or need boat and watercraft insurance? Well, it's because most boat damage takes place when you're off the water, not on it. And there can even be instances where you need help while on the water. With boat insurance, you'll be cared for, wherever you might be. Our team at The Insurance Pros wants to make sure you are safe and sound while living in Utah.

Boat Insurance When You Need It

Most accidents with boats happen out of the water. It might be while you're in transit, or even when you're in storage. In these instances, your auto insurance will not protect you, and there's a good chance wherever you store your boat won't have you covered.

Additionally, if you're ever out on the water and need help, boat insurance can cover these expenses, which can add up out of pocket.

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Boat

Boat insurance is more than merely protecting your boat. It is also about protecting yourself. What happens if you're stuck out on a lake, and you run out of gas? Hopefully, you can hail someone to bring you some gas, but this is extremely expensive. If this doesn't work? You might need a tow. Beyond this, if your boat is hit while in transit, your auto insurance coverage will not protect it. All of this adds up. In order to avoid these kinds of extreme expenses, you'll want to work with our team here at The Insurance Pros. It doesn't matter what type of boat you own in Utah. You need to protect your investment and yourself with adequate coverage.


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Partner Carriers

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  • Bear River Mutual
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  • Progressive
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